Tesla has developed a unique laser wipers

Tesla has developed a unique laser wipers


Corporation Elon musk surprised the world a new patent application. Tesla has developed a unique wiper working with laser technology.

In the US patent office came a request from Tesla for patenting laser car wipers. His new invention, the Corporation was awarded the title “Pulsed laser cleaning of dirt”. The development is designed for cleaning glass electric vehicles, and cameras, autopilot, inform the Economic news.

Laser the wipers will work due to the scanning beam. It will determine the degree of contamination and can choose the optimal power of influence on the dirty hearth. According to experts Tesla, the new system will allow automated mode to remove any debris, obscuring the view.


Completely from the standard wipers while the Corporation is not going to refuse. With their help, will continue to struggle with precipitation in the form of rain and snow.

In the future, Tesla also wants to equip laser wipers and their solar panels. Meanwhile, this technology exists only on paper. When the inventors to embody it in life is unknown.

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