Tesla has experienced a new generation of autopilot in extreme environment (video)

Tesla has experienced a new generation of autopilot in extreme environment (video)


The Network has published a video in which Tesla engineers are experiencing a new generation autopilot system of electric vehicles in complex roads. Despite the fact that the route laid into the system in advance, the autopilot did not always cope with the road independently.

Most sections of the route the autopilot Tesla passed on their own, without any problem. However, despite the fact that the route of the electric vehicle experts have made to base a system of Autonomous driving in advance, in some cases, the driver had to help the autopilot to avoid accidents.


The main difficulty from the autopilot caused a two-lane winding road with a complex layout that has varied depending on the specific stretch of highway. During the movement, the Autonomous system several times, critically closer to the dividing strip. The electric car did not slow down. If a driver did not intervene in the control system, independently perform steering, the Tesla would have been on the wrong side.

Elon Musk, in turn, argues that each day uses the technology of Autonomous driving when traveling for work. However, the route by which moves the head of the American Corporation, well researched and it does not occur emergencies. The current system is already the fifth version of autopilot Tesla. After testing, the experts guide her to the next revision.

Last week on the highway in the U.S. accident involving Dodge Durango SUV and Tesla. Electric car with autopilot system was able to Dodge the collision with the trailer, but this time it rammed an American SUV.

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