Tesla has reduced the cost of electric crossover Model Y for $3000

Tesla has reduced the cost of electric crossover Model Y for $3000


The youngest Tesla electric car, in terms of length of presence in the market is the Model Y – a small crossover, which is currently available in two versions: Long Range with extended range and Performance with improved dynamic characteristics. Now the basic version of the Tesla Model Y becomes $3000 cheaper.

Starting delivery Model Y in March, the company Tesla found it possible to reduce the cost of electric crossover for new customers this month. Basic variant with two electric motors and all-wheel drive are now estimated at $49 990 instead of $52 990. The crossover Model Y, and Model 3 sedan now differ in price by $3000, although more recently the difference was upwards of $5000 depending on configuration.

For version Tesla Model Y Performance previously proposed surcharge option package Performance Package, which included an increase in maximum speed from 216 to 248 km/h, reinforced brake, rims size 21 inch special design, the reduced ground clearance and the pedal pads made of aluminum alloy. Now all this is available to buyers of the Tesla Model Y specifications Performance already in the database, for $59 990.


Related sedan Tesla Model 3 had a lower price tag at the end of may this year, the base version was available for $2000. Correction in the price of electric car company Tesla in some cases had the goal of them falling under the influence of various government subsidies, but the current decline in the price of Model Y is unlikely to be part of such initiatives. The growth in production volumes, the cost of electric vehicles is expected to decline, Tesla is trying to balance on that level, which would allow to maintain profitability, but to attract more buyers. As with Model 3, the crossover Model Y should be a mass model whose sales will form a significant part of the revenue of the company.

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