Tesla has stopped testing a new autopilot

Tesla has stopped testing a new autopilot


Tesla was forced to stop testing an advanced version of the autopilot. According to the head of the American firm Elon Musk, this happened due to the discovered technical problems in the system. It is not yet known when these problems will be fixed.

“Some problems were found with version 10.3, so we are temporarily rolling back to 10.2,” Musk wrote on his Twitter. At the same time, the head of Tesla did not specify exactly what problems the testers faced.

According to The Verge, tests of the unmanned system in version 10.3 started on Saturday evening, October 23rd. Tesla electric car owners are taking part in these tests.

Tesla reiterated that even the upgraded version of the autopilot is an auxiliary function. When this function is activated, the driver must keep his hands on the steering wheel. As Musk said, of course, a car with the autopilot on will be able to take the driver from home to work on its own, but she still needs constant “human supervision” early on.

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