Tesla hits new record

Tesla hits new record


The stock Тesla after the closing of the American stock exchange, NASDAQ made a $ 524.86. This means that the company’s market capitalization at the time amounted to 13.01 93.6 billion.

A lot of it? As always, looking to compare. Market capitalization Тoyota on the NYSE as of the same date amounted to 197.5 billion, Ford (ibid.) – 36.6 billion

Shares Тesla confident (though not linear) rise in price since the end of October 2019. For example, on 23 October, the value of the stock was $ 254.6 dollars. Investment Bank Oppenheimer analyst Colin Rusch suggested goal in 612 dollars per share.

What caused this growth? Most likely, only one of them are solid indicators sold in the 4th quarter of the car. It is about 122 thousand, while for the whole of 2019 have been sold 367.5 thousand, of course, the launch of the first factory outside of the States, namely in China (Shanghai). The other important factor is the upcoming launch of the crossover Tesla Model Y. This model can become the most popular in the line of the brand (ahead of the best-selling brand sedan Model 3), because the form factor of the crossover is now the most popular. By the way, Tesla Model 3 we have already tested, having gone for this in Santa Monica.


Tesla is an example of one of the very few successful projects login young company in the automotive industry. Production can be unprofitable due to very high cost of entry into an industry (high-tech process), stiff competition for customers and relatively low margins.

Tesla Model Y

But this American company did. For comparison, when Tesla in the distant 2010, the first put its shares on the stock exchange (IPO), the company has managed to attract 226.1 million dollars, and her assessment amounted to 1.33 billion dollars. At that time the market value of the company Ford was equal to 35.4 billion dollars.

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