Tesla in Berlin: Musk announces factory opening date

Tesla in Berlin: Musk announces factory opening date


Last Sunday, the head of Tesla flew to Berlin, where he visited a car plant under construction. Speaking to reporters, he confirmed that the launch of the venture, which was originally planned for mid-summer, is being postponed, Reuters reported.

It is difficult to make promises, since we will be able to start producing cars only after all the conditions necessary for this are met. As of today, it seems that we will be able to do this before the end of this year.

Musk also confirmed that the problems are related to delays on the part of German officials. He did not blame anyone for malicious actions, but spoke out about the excessive regulation.

I believe that it would be easier for everyone if there were less bureaucracy. We need to come up with some kind of tool that would allow us to abolish unnecessary legislative requirements. Otherwise, over time, all sorts of restrictions will only multiply until everyone is forced to simply stop their work.

Musk did not meet directly with Berlin officials, leaving the settlement of the issue to his subordinates.

The plant under construction should be Tesla’s third car assembly plant after the factories in California and Shanghai. In particular, Model Y crossovers will be produced on it, which are still not officially sold in Europe. In addition, construction has already begun on Tesla’s fourth car plant in Texas

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