Tesla intends to make car insurance much cheaper

Tesla intends to make car insurance much cheaper


The American Corporation is working on new scheme car insurance. This will significantly reduce the cost of the policy, and provide better service.


Tesla is known as an innovator in many areas. She begins to use new ideas and technologies long before will think about it the rest of the car manufacturers. For the example, you can give yourself electric cars, autopilot system, a new truck, and so on.

Now, however, Tesla decided to conduct innovations in the field of automotive insurance and car-share at the same time. First and foremost, the brand offers to gather information about the driver, which will be analyzed in the automatic mode. Based on the obtained data about the manner of driving, the number of violations, time driving, and so forth, will set the ratio of the cost of insurance.

In addition, the cost of the policy through the company itself Tesla may be minimal. This service will provide for car owners of the brand, providing their vehicles for the rideshare service. This service assumes that the participants can take their own cars to car-share (short term rental).

How successful is this business model is hard to say. Also, are there many Tesla owners wanting to give their car on lease. But it will allow to shift part of the insurance liabilities of customer service, as well as the company itself Tesla.

Details are not reported. What are the conditions going to be like and will it be possible to make money on your own car – is unknown.


Meanwhile, during the day, Tesla shares set a new historical record. The value of the shares of the American maker of electric cars jumped nearly 20 percent.

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