Tesla is a Semi the company prepares for production

Tesla is a Semi the company prepares for production


According to us media, the head of Tesla sent employees a message about a full-scale production launch of the Tesla truck Semi Truck. Later, the billionaire said on Twitter that this is not a rumor: plans real.

Tesla stock rose 6% to $1 thousand 10 June, after Reuters reported the email Mask.

“The time has come to do everything possible to bring Tesla Semi Truck to production. Still it was limited, which allowed us to improve it. Work on the battery and the transmission will start on the Giga factory Nevada, other elements will be manufactured in different States,” – said Musk.

Tesla then became the second largest Japanese automaker after Toyota of the cost of shares.

The authenticity of the letter Mask to check it was impossible, so one Twitter user just asked a question billionaire in the social network whether a message. And received in reply a brief “Yes.”


That was enough to cheer wall street. Tesla’s market capitalization exceeded $190 billion, and the object of delight – Tesla Semi Truck – has generated a lot of rumors about their unique characteristics. For example, he would drive over 310 miles on a single battery charge at full load and at a speed of 40 km/h.

In part a violent reaction to the news due to the fact that Tesla Semi Truck for a long time among the projects Tesla. Serial production of commercial truck Musk promised for launch in 2019. Then postponed until 2020 “in limited amounts”. Letter Mask says that during this time the team Tesla has an opportunity to correct engineering deficiencies and the company is now satisfied with the look of the project.

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