Tesla is now worth the three Ford, two GM or gender-Toyota

Tesla is now worth the three Ford, two GM or gender-Toyota


On postergar January 21, the stock price of Tesla has reached 555,1 dollar apiece, making the market capitalization of the manufacturer of electric vehicles for the first time crossed the mark of $ 100 billion. This was reported by Bloomberg.

For 22 January, the cost of one securities dropped to 547,2 dollar, but at the time of this writing the stock is trading already 576,55 dollar. Analysts explain such a reaction market the successful performance of the company for the third quarter of last year and the recent launch of the plant in China.

To understand, $ 100 billion is the estimated market capitalization of three “Ford”, GM or two half Toyotas, the most expensive car companies in the world. It is also important that this is the figure that Elon Musk had to reach to retrieve the first of the 12 tranches in the form of a call option on 1% of the shares of “Tesla”.

We will remind, two years ago, when Tesla was worth “only” 59 billion dollars, Musk for 10 years refused all guaranteed remuneration. Shareholders approved the system of salaries of the CEO, depending on the growth of the market value of the company and certain indicators of the profit and income. It is true that Musk got his option, the capitalization should be kept at around 100 billion within six months.


In the summer of 2018 when Tesla shares were worth $ 356, Elon Musk wrote on Twitter that he is ready to redeem them for 420, in order to transform the company from public back to private. Say, exchange rate fluctuations and the need for quarterly financial reports to prevent the manufacturer to solve the long-term strategic objectives. That tweet provoked growth of quotations, and the Commission on securities of the USA considered it to be fraudulent. After trials the Mask was fined and removed from the post of Chairman of the Board of Tesla, while retaining his position of Director General, and urged next time to choose the expression “Twitter”.

Interestingly, the funds to repurchase shares of the company’s head planned to have a sovereign wealth Fund of Saudi Arabia. Ironically, in the end, the Saudis are seeking a way to reduce its dependence on oil prices, invested in a startup Lucid electric Motors, founded by immigrants from “Tesla”.

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