Tesla is preparing a 12-seater electrovan?

Tesla is preparing a 12-seater electrovan?


The intention to build electric public transport Elon Musk announced four years ago, published on the official website of Tesla policy document, known as the second part of “master plan” (first appeared 10 years earlier, at the dawn of the company). It was then announced four new models: a compact crossover, pickup, truck and bus.

With the first three we already know quite well is a Tesla Model Y, Cybertruck and Semi. On the fourth is still really nothing was heard. In 2017, when Musk created The Boring Company for the construction of underground high speed transportation system – a sort of “subway car” – showed us the concept of some of the passenger capsule, in which the same tunnel will be able to travel and pedestrians. At the same time, there was speculation that Tesla will abandon the development of ground electrovan, technical donor for which, on the idea of the Mask was to be the crossover Model X.


It seems that now in this story there is a real progress. As reports Electrek thematic resource with the link to The Mercury News, this week the transport Department County of San Bernardino, California, approved the deal with The Boring Company. Startup Elon musk will connect the town of Rancho Cucamonga international airport, “Ontario” high-speed tunnel with a length of 2.8 miles (4.5 km), which will go a special vehicle, the joint development of The Boring and Tesla. Electrovan, designed for 12 passengers and their Luggage, can carry up to 1,200 people per day or over 10 million a year.

Detailed information about the new electric cars yet. The Boring Company and local authorities to disclose details about the project this August or September.

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