Tesla is preparing a battery with a resource of 1.6 million kilometers

Tesla is preparing a battery with a resource of 1.6 million kilometers


American manufacturer Tesla in the near future may significantly increase the lifespan of the battery – with the current 1.6 thousand charge cycles to 6 thousand. “The guru of battery Tesla” and a physics Professor from Halifax, Jeff, Dan, told reporters that the new battery will last a million miles (1.6 million kilometers).

According to Forbes, today there are no electric cars with a battery life which reaches up to one million miles. In April the head of Tesla Elon Musk said that the company is working to create such a “robust” unit. He explained that the emergence and implementation of such a battery may make a profitable car sharing Robotaxi.

According to the Mask, a Tesla model created with an eye on the mileage of one million kilometers – this is confirmed by internal tests of the company. However, the automaker announced resource, for example, Model S is at the level between 300 and 500 thousand miles (about 500-800 thousand kilometers).


In July this year it became known that the German hansjörg the Gemmingen broke the record aggregate of runs among all the sold electric vehicles Tesla. On your Tesla Roadster Gemmingen-Hornberg drove 620 000 kilometers, and the Model S P85 more than 900,000 kilometers. However, during the operation he several times changed the battery on 312,5 and 520,5 thousand kilometers.

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