Tesla is preparing a major update to the Model S and Model X

Tesla is preparing a major update to the Model S and Model X


Tesla is working on a classified project under the code name “Palladium”, which focuses on electric vehicles Model S and Model X. On Wednesday, July 22, reported Electrek.

Changes in the aforementioned electric cars must be significant, since, according to the portal, the project involves the construction of new production lines and the production of a body of palladium. In addition, Model S and Model X needs to obtain a stylistic change that is quite logical, since these design patterns have not changed since the release.

Updated electric cars also have to get new batteries. But the details about them, a U.S. Corporation must disclose at a special event to be held in September this year.


Also the edition reports that the Model S a new generation can get a salon-like interior Model 3. In this case, the novelty will receive a minimalistic instrument panel and a “floating” screen for the infotainment complex.

When updated electric Model S and Model X can appear, a foreign Agency did not report.

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