Tesla is preparing a new electric car in the “Chinese style”

Tesla is preparing a new electric car in the “Chinese style”


The company Tesla Motors has officially appealed to motor designers with the request to come up with the concept of the exterior of the new electric cars in the “Chinese style”. The proposal was posted on the social network WeChat.

“In January, Elon Musk during the opening of a design center in China hinted at a new electric car for the global market. Tesla now officially refers to the designers, including Amateurs, to create a car in the Chinese style. Tesla is expanding its zone of influence in the largest automotive market”, – noted in the message.

At the beginning of 2020, the head of Tesla Elon Musk talked about a radically new electric car, which needs to be created in a new design Studio in China. However, he said that the model will be designed not only for China but also for other regions. He also hinted that he would like to see “something very impressive and even a little radical, like a truck Cybertruck”.


At present it is difficult to say when it will be a fundamentally new model of Tesla, since it is not even approved the design concept.

Earlier it became known that Tesla will develop a new electric van with room for 12 passengers for a ride through underground tunnels by the Boring Company. New Tesla vehicles will run in the County of San Bernardino in California with a speed of over 200 km per hour. They can carry up to 12 passengers and their Luggage. Every day electric cars will carry up to 1,200 people.

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