Tesla learned to broadcast video to the driver’s smartphone


Tesla electric car drivers have the opportunity to remotely monitor their car in real time. For now, this option only works on iOS.

A new feature is available with a paid subscription called Premium Connectivity, which will cost $ 10 per month after the free trial expires. To activate the new option, the subscriber needs to update the Tesla app to version 2021.36.8. A release for the Android system is planned in the future.

This is made possible by a 2019 Tesla security update. She uses 6 built-in video cameras of the car to fix potential thieves or vandals and helps to establish the cause of the accident. Previously, the option allowed getting a post-facto record of what happened, but did not provide visual information about the car in real time. Now, the owner of the electric car can at any time have access to video streaming of his car and what is happening nearby.

According to an official statement from Tesla, streaming from car cameras is protected by end-to-end encryption, which means that no one except the owner has access to the video. It is noted that the use of this function accelerates the discharge of the battery.

“And now you can speak remotely through the car audio system. Perfect for giveaways, “- said the head of Tesla Elon Musk on Twitter.

In addition, the update provides for automatic adaptation of the wipers to weather conditions, preparing the battery for charging during navigation before refueling to save time, as well as improved climate control. The paid subscription also includes streaming video and music platforms built into the vehicle’s media system, traffic visualization, satellite map and karaoke.

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