Tesla learned to monitor tire wear in real time

Tesla learned to monitor tire wear in real time


After the next software update, Tesla electric vehicles received the function of determining tire tread wear. Unlike a tire pressure monitoring system, it does not require separate sensors or other additional components to operate: wear is determined by measuring the tire speed. The automaker did not announce the appearance of the tire monitoring technology – it was noticed by the owners of electric cars after installing the update.

According to Drive Tesla Canada, Tesla’s latest “wireless” software update has provided electric vehicles with a very useful tire wear detection feature. As the tread wears down, the tire becomes slightly smaller in diameter, although this is, of course, invisible to the naked eye. However, high-precision electronics can determine wear by the speed of rotation of the wheel – a worn tire becomes not only slightly smaller in diameter, but also lighter, due to which the wheel begins to rotate at a higher speed than the other three. As soon as the number of wheel revolutions exceeds a certain threshold, Tesla displays a warning on the multimedia system screen.

In order not to confuse a worn out tread with a loss of tire pressure, the system also polls pressure sensors. If their readings are the same, then the difference in wheel rotation is caused precisely by the tire wear. After the update of Tesla’s software younger than 2019, they also received the Megaphone function – it will work only on electric cars that have an external speaker that broadcasts sound warnings to pedestrians at low speeds. Megafon works like a loudspeaker, slightly changing the sound of the voice using special effects.

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