Tesla limits the capacity of their charging stations in Europe

Tesla limits the capacity of their charging stations in Europe


Tesla is proud to offer charging stations throughout the USA and in Europe. In Portugal it is the only widely recognized manufacturer of electric vehicles, because it provides a network of fast charging, which is currently out of the country.

However, Tesla owners complain that in most countries they are unable to charge power more than 120 kW. They asked Tesla for an explanation but didn’t have any yet. This speed limit comes from Spain, UK, Portugal, Sweden and most other countries, which sell cars.

According to members of the club Tesla, some of them it is sometimes possible to overcome this limit, while the majority gets to 120 kW. According to some power stations do not exceed 117 kW, even when there is no other electric vehicle charging.

According to the club, people were concerned that Tesla could weaken the power output of its fast charging stations. Tests on other charging stations such as Ionity, showed that the problem is really related to the superchargers.


In this regard, some members of the club have developed a theory of what is happening. Some believe that Tesla has decided to limit the superchargers because of the hot weather, with which Europe is faced in many countries this year.

In any case, if this were true, any surge in temperature in the past would have caused the same decrease in the rate of charging. Given that slower charging sessions also are more expensive, another reason may lie in the pursuit of financial objectives.

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