Tesla may build third plant in USA

Tesla may build third plant in USA


Elon Musk has roughly estimated the timing of the construction of a new plant in four to five years.

This year, while the world was on the verge of a global pandemic, a California manufacturer of electric vehicles definitely did a good job: the cost of Tesla stock rose more than three times, the company released its new crossover Model Y, opened a new plant Gigafactory in Shanghai and approved the city of Austin, Texas, as the placement of the second US plant to produce cars.

Currently, Tesla CEO Elon Musk is already thinking about the construction of a third production facility in the U.S., as the company is preparing to release even more products in the coming years.

“I think that in some moment will appear the third Gigafactory … most likely closer to the North-East. I’m not sure at the moment. We have lots to do between building Giga Giga Berlin and Texas … and all the programs that are coming ahead with Cybertruck, Semi new Roadster,” said Musk in a recent interview.


As for the transfer of the headquarters of Tesla from California, which Musk has threatened earlier this year after clashes with local legislators, he said, “it will require much more deliberation.” He believes that in the short term, the headquarters will remain in California, and “wait and see”.

Tesla CEO refused to blame California in some of its past production difficulties related to problems with the quality of the paint, marked clients, instead saying that ultimately the responsibility for these problems are the responsibility of the company. But he also criticized what he considers “extremely cumbersome” process of issuing permits in California, blaming the local authorities.

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