Tesla may not introduce autonomous driving technology in 2021

Tesla may not introduce autonomous driving technology in 2021


In a conversation with Tesla engineers, it turned out that even they doubt the words of the company’s founder, who previously announced the release of a fully autonomous car by the end of 2021.

“Tesla is currently not fully autonomous driving technology and is only at Level 2,” said one company spokesman.

Recall that the second level of autonomy means that the driver must take part in driving. And the fifth level, which was promised by Musk, allows drivers to completely take their minds off the road, relying on electronics.

Note that in October 2020, Tesla provided a so-called full self-management program to some employees in limited access mode, that is, Tesla said that the autopilot was almost ready.

Earlier, speedme.ru learned that Musk will not keep his word regarding the launch of the European plant of the brand. For example, a February report said the construction of the Gigafactory would not be completed this summer. At the time, a number of critical buildings were pending completion, and no applications were submitted to build a battery plant that Tesla intends to build here. Due to the construction freeze for two and a half weeks, the opening date of the German plant will certainly be postponed.

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