Tesla Million

Tesla Million


In 2021, Tesla produced 930,422 and delivered 936,172 electric cars to customers. Thus, the company has almost doubled its last year’s performance (509,737 and 499,550 vehicles, respectively).

Tesla sold 308,600 electric vehicles in the fourth quarter of 2021. As noted by CNBC, this is the most successful quarter in the history of the company, which has exceeded the expectations of market analysts. Thus, according to the consensus forecast of FactSet, in the last quarter Tesla deliveries should have amounted to 267 thousand units, and in just a year – 897 thousand units.

Over the past year, Tesla has produced 24,390 Model S liftbacks and Model X crossovers. Much more “younger” Model 3 sedans and compact Model Y crossovers have been manufactured – 906,032 units.

Tesla was able to increase vehicle shipments by expanding production at its first overseas factory in Shanghai and making technical changes to the vehicles it makes in Fremont, California. For example, radars were removed from Model 3 and Model Y for North America, so that the Autopilot system now relies on data from a camera system.

Earlier, the head of Tesla, Elon Musk, said that he wants to increase sales of electric vehicles to 20 million a year over the next nine years. To do this, the company will start producing cars at new factories in the US state of Texas, as well as in Germany.

However, despite the successes and ambitious statements of the head of the company, Tesla has postponed the start of production of the new Cybertruck pickup until 2023. Also, the electric tractor Semi and Tesla Roadster of the second generation have not yet entered the conveyor.

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