Tesla Model 3 and Model Y will get a completely “vegan” interior

Tesla Model 3 and Model Y will get a completely “vegan” interior

Quite a long time Tesla replaced coverage of all seat options in their vehicles on synthetic the material is not of animal origin, making the car as “vegan”.

However, one element in electric cars are still exclusively made of leather – steering wheel. Optionally customers could order the steering wheel is made from synthetic materials, but many simply did not know about this option and clients-vegans had to travel in the car with a leather wheel.

And now Tesla announced that Model Y, and Model 3 starting next year will be completely vegan including the material of the steering wheel.

The obligation the company undertook after the request of the representative of the organization PETA to the company to clean natural leather on the steering wheel in their cars.

Elon Musk confirmed that now Tesla is at the finished design of the steering wheel without the faux leather, but not heated, so as to solve the problem with the heated steering wheel is more complicated than replace it floors.

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