Tesla Model 3 could not cope with Indian roads

Tesla Model 3 could not cope with Indian roads


The Tesla brand, which intends to start selling the Model 3 electric car in India, faced unexpected difficulties. According to Autocar India, the vehicle’s ground clearance was insufficient to pass the local speed bumps.

The publication, citing internal sources, notes that the lack of a Tesla Model 3 electric car was identified during field tests of the car. So, the Model 3 touched the bottom of 160 out of 200 tested artificial irregularities on Indian roads.

The base clearance of the Tesla Model 3 is 140 mm. The design features of the hatchback’s suspension do not allow it to be increased by simple adjustment, therefore, most likely, Tesla will need to make design changes to the chassis of an electric vehicle. Local certification bodies that have tested the Model 3 have recommended increasing the model’s ground clearance by at least 25mm.

Tesla is expected to be forced to postpone the debut of the Model 3 in the Indian market. Thus, the first model of the brand, which will appear on official sale here, will be the Tesla Model Y. The ground clearance of this crossover reaches 175 mm.

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