Tesla Model 3 does not like cyclists

Tesla Model 3 does not like cyclists


In South Korea, the safety of the Tesla Model 3 was checked using the KNCAP method for evaluating new cars. The electric car coped with the crash test perfectly and earned five stars out of five, but when it came to testing the auxiliary systems, the situation changed: the emergency braking system in front of an obstacle on the road did not work several times, and the Model 3 knocked down a dummy that imitated a cyclist. As a result, the model’s rating was lowered to four stars.

According to the results of a series of crash tests, Tesla Model 3 earned 83.3 points, which corresponds to a maximum of five stars. At the same time, the safety of cyclists and pedestrians was rated only three stars, which is considered a low result.

The reason for this assessment was that the electric car crashed into a cyclist several times at a speed of 20, 25 and 40 kilometers per hour. If such a situation had happened on the road, then, with a high degree of probability, there would have been no critical injuries, but it is not known why the system did not recognize an object on the road and did not apply emergency braking.

This is far from the first crash test for Tesla Model 3. For example, in 2019, an electric car was subjected to a series of tests according to the methodology of the American Institute of Insurance for Highway Safety (IIHS): the model earned the highest score in all test categories and became the second electric car in history (after the Audi e-tron), which are among the leaders in the Top Safety Pick + rating.

In the same year, the Tesla Model 3 set a record in Euro NCAP crash tests, gaining 94 percent in active safety performance.

It was also reported that a scale model of the Tesla Model X autographed by Elon Musk will be sold at a unique auction. For a toy car, they ask for 0.4 ether, the currency that is the basic means of payment of the Ethereum blockchain network.

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