Tesla Model 3 hacked with drone and Wi-Fi (video)

Tesla Model 3 hacked with drone and Wi-Fi (video)


Two computer security engineers demonstrated the vulnerability of the Tesla Model 3 electric car. Experts were able to hack into the car and remotely control some of its functions using a drone, reports Security Week.

German experts took part in the experiment called “TBONE” (from the English T-bone – “kick in the side”): the CEO of Kunnamon Ralph-Philip Weinman and the employee of Comsecuris Benedict Schmotzle. Researchers have discovered a vulnerability in the Internet connection manager ConnMan, which Tesla Motors uses for its stock devices.

The drone flew up to a Tesla Model 3 parked near the house, after which Weinman and Schmotzle launched a hacker attack on the car via Wi-Fi, gaining full control over the infotainment complex of the American electric car.

Engineers were able to perform all the tasks that the driver has access to through the vehicle’s media system. In particular, they could open and block doors, control seat settings, change the intensity of the air conditioning system, and select the driving modes of the car.

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As noted by experts, in a similar way you can hack all production Tesla models: Model 3, Model S, Model X and Model Y. Their functions can be controlled at a distance of up to 100 meters. At the same time, they stressed that there is no question of complete intervention in driving.

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