Tesla Model 3 has driven a record distance

Tesla Model 3 has driven a record distance

Many believe that electric cars are good for city driving, but not to overcome long distances. This view has been repeatedly challenged, and the owners of electric Tesla, in particular, easily overcome long routes due to the charging network of Tesla Supercharger.

Nilandu Bjorn (Bjorn Nyland) failed to pass 2781 km in 24 hours on the Tesla Model 3 Long Range AWD. Nylund set this record thanks to the fast chargers IONITY in Germany because at the present time this network is much more powerful and faster charging electric cars than Tesla fast charging.

The previous record of 2 644 km was installed last year in Model 3 the Austrian team G-Electric Herman Horst of Luning (German Horst Luning). Prior to this Luning sold record in 2424 miles on Tesla Model S.

Nylund their record wanted to emphasize that the trip was made in realistic conditions, subject to the General rules of the road. The record was set in Germany on the autobahn at high speeds of about 170 km/h most of the time.

Indicator of power reserve and speed Model 3 differs from most electric cars, which usually work effectively at low speeds. The efficiency of power consumption within a 24-hour trip was 311 WH/km, which is significantly higher – 160 WH/km, while driving an electric vehicle in normal driving conditions.

Average speed between stops was 115 km/h for 24 hours. Nylund was able to drive the same distance, as if he constantly traveled on interstate highways of the USA in 24 hours without stopping at all.

During a trip on part of the track was raining, which reduces the efficiency by increasing rolling resistance between the tires and the road. Nylund interchanged with multiple drivers for 24 hours and broadcast the trip on his YouTube channel.

Nylund concentrated on driving fast and charging the battery approximately 50% to maintain the efficiency of the charging rate. Most quick chargers for electric vehicles slow down the charging rate when the battery is approaching full capacity.

Used by Nylund charger IONITY had a peak charging power of about 195 kW, which is higher than the European Tesla chargers now. Tesla will soon release V3 charger with a capacity of 250 kW, but it will be in Europe and will be only in a few places in the United States. Earlier, Niland compared charge Model 3 and the Audi e-tron quattro on the charger IONITY that seem to work well in Europe. The existence of the other high-quality, high-speed network charges may be beneficial for owners of electric vehicles.

Energy consumption for the whole trip amounted to 865 kWh, which is about 10 full time equivalents battery Model 3 Long Range. Niland said that it would cost about 300 euros for the trip, but IONITY covered the costs of his charge in this race. IONITY takes 8 euros per charge regardless of the length of the session, but as Nylund did a short charge the battery to 50%, he optimized the speed of charging, not the cost.

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