Tesla Model 3 includes the three most sold models in Europe

Tesla Model 3 includes the three most sold models in Europe


We’ve learned that a bestseller of the European market for many years is the Volkswagen Golf hatchback. However, legends has a competitor, and environmentally friendly.

According to a study by JATO Dynamics, in December, the best-selling models in Europe are the Volkswagen Golf and Renault Clio, which has sold 30 652 516 and 27 instances respectively. But then was a surprise for all the people of the continent began to listen to Greta Thunberg.

The top three sales in December of 2019 closes the Tesla Model 3. Within a month, the car has sold 22 041 units, while in November, its sales amounted to almost 8 thousand cars.

Note that currently, electric cars Tesla, whose sales started in Europe in 2019, imported from USA. Only recently, Elon Musk has chosen a site for building a European plant of the brand. Currently, working with metal detectors began to explore the territory, the size of which is about 200 football fields, looking for old ammunition in wartime. This is the first stage of site preparation, which is planned to produce 500 thousand cars a year. The first electric cars begin to roll off the production line in June 2021.


According to representatives of JATO, in addition to increasing the tax on cars, the permutation in the list of leaders of sales was largely caused by other “artificial” conditions. So, many manufacturers have sought to register as many models with a higher level of contamination up to 1 Jan. This sales growth may be associated with self-registration.

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