Tesla Model 3 threw the bumper (video)

Tesla Model 3 threw the bumper (video)


American Logan Deroanne shared the video from the cameras of the circular review of his Tesla Model 3 in the Standard version Plus Range. The footage shows how electrostan suddenly loses the rear bumper while driving.

Bumper came off in the moment when Tesla at speeds of 15-25 miles an hour drove into shallow puddle, said the owner. According to him, the car was purchased last year and managed to run over just 14 thousand miles or 22.5 thousand kilometers.

“I was driving in the rain and started to slow down to turn right, when suddenly I heard a terrible noise. I thought someone drove into the car behind, and drove off the road to understand what happened. I was in shock – the whole back of my Tesla fell off,” he described the incident Deroanne.


American made photo and video of the damage and contacted roadside assistance Tesla, which never came. For an hour he managed to see a lot of cars, no problem passing on the ill-fated puddle.

Support Tesla owner said that the incident is not covered by warranty, and one of the staff called the incident “an act of God”. Later, however, the representatives of the company again contacted him and promised to send a tow truck and to repair at his own expense.

This has occurred in Model 3 and earlier: the car lost the bumper in contact with a large amount of water. In 2018, Tesla explained that the reason for the design of the vehicle, however, seem to find a solution and failed.

The bumper is not the only detail that can suddenly fall off from the Model 3 on the go. In may, the new electric car while driving came off the steering wheel. Fortunately for the owner, the incident occurred at low speed and managed to brake without incident.

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