Tesla Model 3 vs “Icon”: cost of ownership

Tesla Model 3 vs “Icon”: cost of ownership


The American company Tesla has published calculations of the average cost of ownership of an electric vehicle Model 3 in the Standard Range Plus modification compared to the Japanese Toyota Camry sedan, popular in the United States. Judging by the figures, in five years and 60,000 miles (96,500 kilometers), both sedans will cost the owner about the same. At the same time, the American electric car is much more profitable than its German competitors, among which Tesla names Audi and BMW.

In a new report, Tesla notes that the estimated cost of the Model 3 Standard Range Plus in the United States is on par with the premium segment models from Audi and BMW, however, owning an electric sedan will cost much less – at the level of the cost of maintaining a more affordable Toyota Camry. which is the most popular sedan on the American market. Of course, the cost of electricity for almost 100 thousand kilometers is significantly lower than the cost of fuel, but Tesla also takes into account depreciation and the cost of insurance in its calculations. In five years, the cost of owning a Tesla Model 3 was 55 cents per mile (about UAH 14).

Calculations are based on an extensive database of the residual value of the Model 3 sedan, as well as the cost of repairs, maintenance, electricity and other factors. Operating costs, which include, for example, gas or electricity, regular maintenance and tires, for the Model 3 are only slightly more than half of those for the Camry over the same period. By the way, all data refers to 2020, and since then Tesla prices have gone up. In addition, all figures are valid for the United States – in Ukraine, obviously, the costs would be very noticeably different from the American ones.

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