Tesla Model S burned right in the service

Tesla Model S burned right in the service


In one of the service centers in Marietta, Georgia, there was an incident with a Tesla Model S electric car in the P100D version. On the Facebook page of the city community, photographs of a burning car appeared in the parking lot near the service: according to preliminary data, the fire was caused by a battery. By a happy coincidence, there were no casualties. The cars parked next to the Tesla have also survived, but it appears to be beyond repair.

The conclusion about a faulty battery was made on the basis of the photographs: several of them show that the flame is escaping from under the bottom of the car, and it is there that the battery module is located. To a greater extent, the fire damaged the body panels in the area of ​​the B-pillars and the door on the driver’s side.

The city administration praised the team of firefighters who promptly arrived at the scene. It is reported that the firefighters had to “think outside the box” when extinguishing the electric vehicle: they decided to raise one of the sides of the Model S, placing it on wooden supports to get closer to the fire source.

This is not the first case of Tesla spontaneous combustion. In early August, a 2013 Model S 85 electric car caught fire in a garage while charging. Then the consequences were much more devastating: the fire destroyed not only the car itself, but also another Tesla parked nearby. In addition, there was an explosion that knocked out the metal garage doors.

Tesla is not alone in having problems with spontaneous combustion. Similar incidents have occurred with electric cars from other brands such as Hyundai, General Motors, Chevrolet and Audi. This led to a series of recalls – mainly the cars were sent to the service for replacing fire-hazardous batteries.

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