Tesla Model S Plaid will accommodate 7 people

Tesla Model S Plaid will accommodate 7 people


Elon Musk said that the Tesla Model S Plaid will accommodate 7 people.

This happened immediately after Model S Plaid bypassed Taycan at the Nurburgring. According to Mask, the updated Model S Plaid will go into production around October or November of next year. It is expected that the production version will be even faster than the prototypes that we see regularly on the German race track.


When asked about the seats for seven people, the American inventor said that the seats turned back will remain, but noted that they will be more and more convenient.

In addition, Musk said the new Model X and the highly anticipated new Tesla Roadster will appear later than the launch of the Model S Plaid. The head of Tesla adds that the Roadster “completely” beat the Nurburgring record for all time of existence of track – 6:44,97.

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