Tesla Model S received an increase in power

Tesla Model S received an increase in power


The company Tesla has released a software update for the Model S, in which the peak power of the power plant increased by: the increase was 50 horsepower. According to Elon musk, it will allow the electric car to outrun rival Porsche Taycan in the race for a quarter mile.

Earlier in the Internet appeared the video-in Taycan Porsche Turbo S and the Tesla Model S P100D: German sedans failed to pass the distance in a quarter mile at 10.6 seconds, and the American liftback – for 11.8 seconds.

This result was unexpected. The fact that the application acceleration to 100 kilometers per hour Taycan Turbo S with the 761-strong installation is 2.8 seconds. This is 0.2 tenths slower than the Model S P100D, so “on paper” had to win that Tesla.


However, with the recently released update of the Model S will be able not only to overtake Taycan, but also faster to accelerate to “hundreds,” said Elon Musk on Twitter. In addition, after the upgrade, the owners of electric vehicles will be available a new feature – automatic navigation. The system will offer the shortest routes to known points, for example, to work or home, even before the driver asks the destination.

Earlier it became known that the Tesla Model S is preparing to set a land speed record at the Nurburgring. To do this, use the prototype with a new three-engine power plant. In recent tests lit up the electric car, equipped with a giant wing.

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