Tesla Model S set a new record on the race track

Tesla Model S set a new record on the race track


The electric Tesla Model S set a track record at Laguna Seca, known for the turn with elevation change, which is called “Spin”. The car was the fastest four-door sedan this track. Following the record producer wants to establish at the Nurburgring.

The previous record holder, the route was Jaguar XE SV Project 8: he has to overcome the round had gone 1 minute 37,54 seconds. Electrotechno it took a second less time: the Model S with the new transmission and a retuned chassis overcame the distance in 1:36,555. California models also have faster sports cars such as Porsche 911 GT3 RS (1:36.77), the Ferrari 458 Italia (1:36.22) and Nissan GT-R (1:36.63).

Check in on the “Lagonda” was kind of training for a manufacturer is the main record of the Tesla Model S just getting ready to install. This electric car has moved to the nürburgring, and, if you believe Elon musk, to try to beat the highscore Porsche Taycan is a seven-seat version of the sedan.


In the race involved is not quite stock Model S – the car is a test prototype with a retuned chassis and a new transmission Plaid, which includes three electric motors instead of the standard two.

Thus, Tesla will be able to compete with not only the fastest production sedan from Stuttgart, but, for example, with the Skoda RS Kodiaq crossover with third-row seats, which last year set a record “North loop”.

California manufacturer this is not the first race Nuburgring in April “Junior” Model 3 performed Perfomance also went to the track, but was able to overcome her only nine minutes. Around the middle of the route, the sedan overheated brakes, so to continue the race at full strength it was impossible.

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