Tesla Model S: who did not have time, he will pay $ 10,000 more

Tesla Model S: who did not have time, he will pay $ 10,000 more


While Nissan is cutting prices for Leaf by 4-6 thousand, Tesla, on the contrary, is getting more expensive. There have been 2 price increases in the last month.

Since the beginning of the year, Tesla has changed price tags every month, but this time the company has surpassed itself – another increase in prices for Model S occurred less than a month after the previous one. Thus, “esca” has risen in price for a month by almost 10 thousand dollars. Tesla has updated the configurator – the base Model S now costs $ 89,900.

Previous price increases were mainly related to the more affordable Model 3 and Model Y, but now the turn has come to Model S. Moreover, in China, Tesla, on the contrary, is reducing prices for its popular “three”. This news so alarmed the local market that BYD had to urgently release a somewhat simplified version of the Han EV in order to reduce the price. However, this did not help much, the local electric sedan found 5802 buyers in June against 16515 units of the “troika”.

Not long ago, Tesla had a logistical disruption to parts supplies, which led to the suspension of Model S shipments to their customers. Perhaps it was this fact that influenced this price increase.

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