Tesla Model S with gilding: is someone buying this?

Tesla Model S with gilding: is someone buying this?


Caviar, which calls itself a “luxury customization studio”, has released a new line of luxury items – Excellence. It includes 2 iPhones and a Tesla Model S, the main feature of which is the elements covered with gold of the highest standard. The car was estimated at $ 299 thousand, and smartphones cost from $ 5,000 each.

The press service of Caviar said that they decided to choose the Tesla Model S, as it is “the best electric car in the world today.” The 1100-strong three-engine Plaid modification was taken as a basis. From 0 to 100 km / h, such a sedan accelerates in 1.9 seconds, and the maximum speed is 320 km / h. Tesla Model S Plaid travels up to 837 km on one battery charge.

Caviar’s Model S has a limited edition: it is planned to customize only 99 units of the car. Each of them is distinguished by a golden crown, which is located on the bonnet and bumper at the rear, as well as the designation of the serial number (01/99) under the taillight. Radiator grille, mirror housings, wheel disks, parts on bumpers and sills are covered with 24 carat gold using Double Electroplated technology.

Caviar’s main profile is the sale of customized gadgets that are adorned with real gold, crocodile skin, diamonds and other premium materials. Most often, the design is dominated by patriotic motives.

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