Tesla Model X broke the open door on the bus

Tesla Model X broke the open door on the bus


In London, a strange incident was filmed with a Tesla Model X electric car, which was driving with an open door. A short video appeared on the Rahul R YouTube channel. It shows how the crossover “meets” a double-decker bus: the result was a badly dented Model X door and broken glass of an oncoming doubledecker. It is not known why the Tesla was driving with the door raised, especially considering that the electric car signals the driver about this by all available means.

The raised rear door of the Tesla Model X smashed the glass of the bus on the right – exactly where the driver is. But, apparently, he was not injured, like the driver of the Tesla: fortunately, the electric car moved at a low speed. After breaking the glass, the door once again touched the side of the bus, after which it bent and sank into an unnatural position.

The electric crossover is equipped with lifting doors of the “falcon wing” type. It is difficult to forget to close them: in this case, the electronics of the Model X displays visual warnings on both displays in the cabin, accompanied by acoustic signals.

In addition, driving in this position is possible only at low speed – the car will not allow acceleration, which can be seen in another video published by Motor1. Therefore, the incident raises questions about the condition of the driver, who managed to ignore all the signals, or about the health of Tesla itself.

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