Tesla Model X or Fiat Panda Cross: Who’s the best SUV?

Tesla Model X or Fiat Panda Cross: Who’s the best SUV?


The Tesla Model X is arguably one of the most advanced vehicles on the road today. Just how will advanced technology feel off-road? CarWow experts tried to answer this question. Moreover, it was decided to introduce a competitive aspect into the experiment.

The rival for the Tesla Model X electric crossover was picked up by the most unexpected: this is a small car Fiat Panda Cross, whose power is only 83 hp. In fact, it is precisely such modest figures that have become the main advantage for Fiat Panda.

Small motor and compact size means low weight. For comparison, the Tesla electric car weighs 2,533 kg, and the Panda Cross is almost two times lighter – 1165 kg. Although the Panda Cross is less powerful than the Tesla, it doesn’t need as much power to climb hills and soft terrain.

And its compactness is another advantage off-road: the short turning radius makes this compact cross as maneuverable off-road as in the city.

Moreover, Panda Cross coped very convincingly with all the obstacles that came its way.

On a regular road with a flat surface, the Panda Cross would have no chance in front of Tesla electric cars, but not off-road, this small city hatchback is able to impose an interesting struggle on its more titled competitor. We show how it was.

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