Tesla Model Y 2022 Review: 0-60mph, ride, handling, tech, charging & range Tested

Tesla Model Y 2022 Review: 0-60mph, ride, handling, tech, charging & range Tested


At last, it’s the Tesla Model Y. You lucky Americans have been able to buy one of these for a couple of years, but only now has Tesla finally managed to get its taller, crossover sibling to the rapid-selling Model 3 into Europe. Must’ve been a heck of a queue at passport control. The Model Y’s arrived as Europe’s old guard has gone electric crossover crazy, but Tesla’s not-so-secret weapons against Audi, Mercedes and BMW are of course a giant touchscreen crammed with games and gimmicks, huge interior space and foolproof Supercharging – as well as strong range and swift performance. Can the Model Y hope to live up to its massive hype? Magazine’s Ollie Kew has the answers in this thorough new Tesla review.Chapters0:00-0:50 Intro0:51-1:29 What is it?1:30-2:08 Styling 2:09-2:50 Battery 2:51-3:38 Weight3:39-4:56 Practicality 4:57-5:52 Tech 5:53-6:36 Cameras6:36-8:40 0-60mph8:41-9:29 Charging 9:30-12:01 Motorway driving12:02-13:14 Ride13:15-14:10 Handling 14:11-15:26 Range15:27-17:27 Verdict Want to watch a bit of on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you’ll find on YouTube. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here.Want to share your views with the team?

there are lots of new electric crossover suvs around right now but there’s only one tesla model y yes after a year and a half like it’s a movie in the 90s we finally got one in europe see right around now tesla is about to open its first european gigafactory and that means that if you’ve not seen any model wise around up till now this time next year you absolutely will so we should probably find out if it’s any good welcome to a very thorough top gear tested what is it well this is tesla’s fourth four-door after the model s big saloon the model x big suv and the model 3 the small saloon and that’s what shares its underpinnings with the y in fact the wires 75 are model 3 underneath it’s just a bit longer and a lot taller so think of this as tesla literally growing up in the uk model y prices start at 55 000 pounds for a long range all-wheel drive model like you see here the model y performance costs 65 000 pounds so you’re going to be paying around six and a half thousand pound more than the equivalent model three what does it look like usual tesla rules apply here i mean you get flush door handles a weird kind of amphibian smoothed off front with no grill but that’s pretty much it when it comes to details otherwise it just looks like a model 3 that’s lived in zero gravity and been stretched upwards the proportions really are quite odd you don’t get the model x’s falcon doors or any of the styling panache of a hyundai ioniq 5 or a ford mustang mac e my theory is that tesla knows it has enough unique selling points that go beyond whether or not it can actually build a pretty looking car how big is the battery well tesla does like to chop and change its specs quite often but for now this is refreshingly simple you get 75 kilowatt hour battery and in this long range dual motor version the model y will take you 340 miles on the european test cycle or if you upgrade to a performance then you go a bit quicker but you only go 298 miles on a charge now because we’re quite early to a european model y that’s why it’s on dutch number plates this one is 69 000 euros with options so it’s right in the mix with the volkswagen id4 the audi q4 e-tron skoda hyundai ford you name it they’re all in there what does it weigh last time we had a tesla on these scales it was a model 3 and it came out commendably light for an ev because well tesla’s batteries are efficient and that means they’re smaller than the chasing packs now a model y is supposed to be exactly two tons so allow me to have a look at the scales on your behalf we are looking for 2003 kilograms this one has come out at 1994. okay pretty impressive but that’s still around 150 kilos heavier than a model three which also seats five also has two big boots is it worth 150 kilos extra weight just to sit that much higher is it practical very practical indeed actually but it should be more practical still you see when tesla announced the model y they said they were going to sell one with seven seats but an official statement that was sent along with this very car told us we do not have a timeline for other seat configurations at this time so five seats it is but they are pretty practical seats look we’ve got plenty of leg room enough headroom for an adult despite that sloping roofline these seats they can recline a little bit or even drop flat and that glass roof it’s heavily tinted so it apparently cuts out infrared and ultraviolet light so you shouldn’t waste any of your precious range over speeding the aircon you get four usb chargers plenty of stowage and the usual tesla party trick of a big boot in the back and a boot in the nose but just having such a big tailgate makes this model y a heck of a lot easier to load than the lower down model 3. just a couple of weird decisions i’ve spotted back here though very generously you get heated seats in the back and some heat events but there’s no controls for the heat events here and no buttons for your heated seats it’s all done through the touchscreen so you really better not fall out with whoever’s using it in the front will i get along with the tech well you have to ask yourself how okay are you with a touchscreen because everything’s in a touch screen as usual for a tesla look even the speed there’s no instrument display behind the steering wheel showing how fast i’m going or how much range i’ve got steering wheel itself is just two subtle click wheels but look it’s actually round because the model y was designed before tesla came up with that weird yoke nonsense that’s in the model s plaid so the same verdict really applies here as in other teslas for me i prefer more physical controls because good as the screen is it just makes me uncomfortable how often i’m looking away from the road just to operate fundamental stuff like the wiper speed or adjusting my mirrors no car not even a tesla is clever enough to drive itself yet having said all of that though if you absolutely must have a touchscreen then this one is still the absolute best in the business what’s the gimmick when we looked at the model 3 we took in its built-in arcade games the karaoke and the fart sound effects so i thought we’d be a bit more grown up this time and have a think about cameras see the model y is covered in them there’s cameras built into the pillars cameras in the side of the car and this one in the back to help you park but when you leave a tesla behind you can activate sentry mode and those cameras will automatically record and then store footage if anyone crashes into you or tries to break into your car when you’re out on the road they even work as dash cams so you can send footage proving how nothing was your fault to your insurers if you see one of these model wise on the road then drive carefully it’s watching you how fast is it now if i was in a model y performance right now i could expect to go from naught to 60 in about three and a half seconds but i’m merely in the base model the long-range dual motor so i’ve only got 434 brake horsepower to play with instead of 563. still you want to know how fast that gets the model y from a to b me too so our gps box of maths will bluetooth some data to my phone and tell me exactly how fast we got there i’m going to put my foot on the brake pull this stalk to put the car in drive and then don’t forget to move the acceleration mode from chill to standard and then we’re all set so when you’re ready and launch still feels pretty brisk we are doing this the european way no one foot roll out because one foot roll out is cheating the queen locks you in the tower so what an actual naught to 60 time we’re looking for about five seconds for a model wide long range yep let’s come on the brakes oh it’s a little bit wayward just wandering across the lane ever so slightly but we’ve come to a safe stop right let’s see how fast that was so naught to 60 six seconds so if we run up to four point nine that’s a tenth quicker than tesla claims from cold tires good surface yeah pretty good isn’t it and not to 100 miles an hour yeah that’s really impressive 11.2 seconds i think i once figured as honda civic type r did naught to 100 and that took about 11.8 we’re over half a second quicker in our big family crossover and of course you want the quarter mile time 13.38 seconds at 108.9 miles an hour so in surprise to pretty much no one the model y is another seriously quick tesla next where do i put the cable there’s space for a charging cable in either the front or the rear boots and where would you plug that in well it goes just behind the tail light here just like a model 3 really it’ll charge at up to 250 kilowatts so plug into one of europe’s six and a half thousand tesla dedicated superchargers and it will get from empty to 80 charge in under half an hour on a normal seven kilowatts home war box it’s an 11-hour job yeah you will have noticed this isn’t an actual tesla supercharger but superchargers are still top gear’s favorite way to charge an electric car there’s loads of them they’re super reliable and the model y can accept charge at up to 350 miles worth per hour one of the reasons why the model y is going to be so popular next year what’s it like on a motorway well first off it’s surprisingly refined often cars that have got a huge glass roof can be resonant echo boxes but model wise okay and it’s obviously very aerodynamic but i think it also might have something to do with this car having a lot of steel in its construction more than the bigger model s and the model x they’re more aluminium or aluminum if you prefer and that’s a noise transmitter it’s lighter but it’s a real pain when it comes to refinement steel good old-fashioned stuff bit better at keeping the noise at bay and i think that’s helping one thing i have noticed now we’re out on the sort of open-ish road it’s just how terrible the rear visibility is that sloping rear window and just how narrow and tinted the glass is really means that especially in combination with no rear wiper view out the back is appalling and because of the way that the front bonnet slopes away i’ve got no idea where the end of the car is or the extremities are it’s a good job that the model y actually feels quite narrow right so we’ve done normal motorway let’s try a fast motorway okay so moved into the top lane we’re a couple of miles an hour below this car’s claimed v-max so 135. obviously we’ve got a lot of wind noise you’re not gonna want to cruise like this for a heck of a long time but i’ll give it that the steering isn’t as wayward let’s say as a model 3 i tried here a while ago that really felt like the steering kind of had come straight off a video game and wasn’t connected to anything metal this one’s pretty stable but the message the car is trying to give you the whole time is i’d really rather drive myself problem is if you do try and activate autopilot on this high-speed bowl it gets really confused what is your problem why won’t you auto steer i’ll take my hands off the steering wheel and it will guide us round the bowl here this is impossible mate sorry starts limiting itself to 30 or 40 miles an hour and won’t give you the auto steer it doesn’t exactly inspire confidence given that this is a well-painted well-surfaced test track i mean if it doesn’t work here what are the chances it’s going to work on a road near you unless of course that road is in california where as we’ve seen from all the videos on youtube works perfectly what’s the ride like well not brilliant if we’re honest and that’s not just because we’re on our worst-case scenario belgian parvate i mean come on elon musk wants to build moon buggies that can take us to mars and mars is pretty rough last time i looked i better have a better ride than this thing with the model y is it’s all very simple it’s got 20 inch wheels that’s not outrageous these days it has coil suspension there’s no adaptive air ride but fundamentally because you’re sat a little bit higher up the natural physics means you get tossed around a little bit more but it’s just that even on the road the ride isn’t that sophisticated you often have a sensation in the model why that just one corner of the car is kind of being upset by something that the other three you haven’t noticed see it’ll just bubble or just fidget fidget is the word it’s a fidgety car and that’s sort of forgivable when tesla was just first kind of getting into the industry getting up the noses of the germans being an upstart but they’ve been around a while now and i think the model y as a family car should be more comfortable than this what’s it like in a corner well as usual for one of these super headline grabbing teslas drive around a corner at a normal speed and it’s deeply unremarkable yeah you can feel the center of gravity is low and that’s good but the steering couldn’t be more numb if i had pins and needles but going much faster will solve that for what is effectively a model 3 on stilts the cornering speeds that this model y can achieve are pretty crackers and you’ve got to remember this is the base spec standard car standard brakes normal suspension unsticky tyres and yet it would still walk away from most of its european rivals on a twisty road but are you gonna go for a thrash on a b road in the first place no i mean i wouldn’t say i’m having fun but i’m definitely impressed what about range well the claim the wltp european claim anyway is 315 miles for this spec probably a little bit less in the usa where the epa test is actually quite a lot harsher but i can’t really give you the definitive what you’ll get in the real world for a model y today because we only have this car for one day we don’t have chance to drive it to discharge it over and over and over again or in lots of different seasons and weathers and unfortunately i can’t even tell you what it said when it charged to 100 because it didn’t left it on charge all of last night came in early this morning and it hadn’t charged wasn’t the tesla’s fault and it wasn’t plugged into a supercharger either it was in a third-party charger but just goes to show doesn’t it that your clever electric car that’s only as clever as what you’re plugging it into and that really let us down last night so we’ve been rolling around with 75 at best today and as you might be able to see only 18 miles left range anxiety setting in but judging by how this thing was behaving earlier before we did all of the fast starts and 100 mile per hour running and from all the time we spent driving model 3s about 280 miles is a fair bet in the real world what’s the verdict so let’s not pretend that it’s a great shock that the model y is a good car and it is a good car and not just because people in america have been running around in these things for over a year now and been being very pleased with himself on the internet i mean after all this thing is just a taller model 3 and the model 3 is an excellent car so it would be pretty outstandingly embarrassing if the model y had turned up and been nowhere near as good as its brother for me what’s interesting is this is the first tesla i’ve driven where the thing that really bowls me over isn’t the acceleration or the driver assistance technology or the touchscreen all the silly games and features it’s an interesting car that’s going to rock it into people’s shopping lists because of the packaging because of the space because of the amount of storage i know that the visibility is not grey and you’d rather have a rear wiper and there are some niggles like that but as an electric poster car for all the space that you gain by getting rid of a fuel tank and an engine and an exhaust and all of that plumbing this is just absolutely remarkable i know that’s not as sexy as ludicrous mode or a nurburgring lap record or the dream of an autopiloting self-driving car but that’s the sort of simple bread and butter stuff that makes a car great to live with especially if you’ve got a family and if you add in the layers of what makes tesla’s themselves really good to live with the foolproof charging the speed of a supercharger the excellence of the touchscreen well then you’ve ended up with one heck of an all-rounder haven’t you yeah i’m afraid it’s bad news for the old guard again really because we’ve ended up with what could very well be tesla’s best all-rounder yet

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