Tesla Model Y and Model 3 will receive many new features

Tesla Model Y and Model 3 will receive many new features


The Tesla Model Y electric crossover and Model 3 sedan may soon receive many new updates and features.

Tesla is planning updates for the Model 3 and Model Y next year. The versions of these electric cars that the company has tested in Europe have features that are not yet available in current versions of the car.

Details of the updates have been posted on the European Tesla Forum. Reports indicate that the Model Y and Model 3 in question have a 12-volt lithium-ion battery, the Model 3 Performance has a new high-performance engine, and like the Model Y Performance for the Chinese market, the cross has a new AMD Ryzen chip. p>

The updated Model 3 is expected to receive a new double-glazed acoustic glass at the rear. And finally, according to foreign media reports, the car will soon have a “Superhorn” function, which “combines a sound signal, an alarm clock and an external speaker.

Earlier it was reported that Tesla will be filming drivers using autopilot.

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