Tesla on autopilot with a deranged driver (video)

Tesla on autopilot with a deranged driver (video)


The driver did not care about the police cars with special signals on, and Tesla continued to move on its own. However, it was not difficult to get the car to stop under computer control.

A California Highway Patrol pursued a Tesla electric car in the vicinity of the city of Glendale, which, according to ABC7 Los Angeles, crashed into a roadside fence, and then continued on its way to an unknown direction. According to media reports, the driver was drunk and did not respond to calls from the police to stop at the side of the road, while the electric car was driven by the Autopilot system.

The arrest of the intruder was filmed from a news service helicopter. The patrolmen blocked the suspect’s car with their cars, so the “autopilot” had no choice but to stop in front of the obstacle. According to the California Highway Patrol incident report, the driver was unconscious when the vehicle was stopped.

As noted by InsideEVs, in this case, it is difficult to blame the Tesla Autopilot’s driving assistance system for disobeying the police. Perhaps she even saved the life of the driver, who, due to his condition, could try to hide from pursuit, endangering himself and those around him. Nevertheless, automakers and authorities need to develop a future course of action for such cases, so that the stop occurs properly and with care.

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