Tesla owners in the US will be even happier

Tesla owners in the US will be even happier


Due to the widespread transition of charging stations to the use of CCS adapters, Tesla will also soon offer a new type of charging in the United States.

Tesla recently began offering CCS adapters to its customers in South Korea. Thus, users were able to charge their electric vehicles at third-party charging stations as well. Note that the company’s European customers have long enjoyed the privilege of CCS adapters, but in the US Tesla will begin to offer an additional accessory only “soon”. The cost of the adapter in the US is not known, but in South Korea it is offered for $ 255.

It should be noted that buying such an adapter for an electric car of another brand will not allow the owner to charge his car at Tesla charging stations in the USA. At the same time, not so long ago, Elon Musk promised to provide the ability to charge cars of other brands at Supercharger stations.

Currently, the number of third-party charging stations in the United States has grown so much that Tesla has become profitable to sell CCS adapters for its cars – this will make the life of owners much more convenient. In turn, the growth in the number of electric models from other brands suggests that it is time for corporations to provide them with access to their Superchargers. Keep in mind, however, that the car software will also need to be modified as Tesla has its own eco-system.

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