Tesla patented battery-one million

Tesla patented battery-one million


We know that Tesla-the real millionaires, but their owners at least once replaced in the cars traction battery, and someone twice. The company wants to increase the survivability of the battery to the level of the machine itself.

The canadian branch of the company Tesla filed international patent application for a “dioxetane and nitrile sulfites as additives to the electrolyte for lithium-ion batteries”. This is one of the results of the research project, carried out by Tesla together with Jeff, Dan and his colleagues at Dalhousie University (Canada). Dan build prototype lithium-ion cell “monocrystalline cathode NMC next generation and to new and improved electrolyte”, which is in the interior of the battery could run for a million miles. On its components Tesla has filed a number of applications.

The head of Tesla’s Elon Musk recently said that the sedan Model 3 is designed for one million miles of operation, and its battery by about 300-500 thousand miles (482-804 thousands of km).


Chemistry of batteries implies NMC cathode containing compounds of Nickel, manganese and cobalt. Many manufacturers apply the NMC cell with different variations of the whole. Tesla (in electric cars) while in the course of the cathodes of a different kind – NCA (Nickel, cobalt, aluminium). According to unofficial data, the cells NMC will be used in Tesla Model 3 for the Chinese market, the newspaper reports Electrek. The machines themselves and the batteries for them will be localized on the 3 Gigafactory plant in Shanghai.

Operating data long released Tesla say that their batteries are functioning normally, at least 160 000 miles (257 000 km) with the loss of about 10% of its original capacity during this period.

New additives to the electrolyte, increases the service life of a lithium battery, according to Tesla, not too expensive and can be a cost efficient alternative to other ingredients that the manufacturers of rechargeable cells already use or try to use in order to improve durability. It is not clear, whether will manage Tesla and its partners to transform this patent “chemistry” in a mass technology in the new year. One way or another, but in 2020 Musk announced the emergence of a rechargeable battery that lasts a million miles of service life.

Believe that Tesla is implementing practices already in 2020?

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