Tesla patented the windshield wipers of an unusual design

Tesla patented the windshield wipers of an unusual design


Tesla patented the windshield wipers of an unusual design. Instead of complicated mechanisms with many moving parts, the manufacturer has proposed the use of an electromagnetic system.

Tesla proposed system consists of installed in front of the windshield “beams” with permanent magnets, electromagnetic movable block and the guide rail. Moving the electromagnetic unit controls the individual drive circuit which drives a wiper arm along a contaminated region. In fact, the unit will act as a Maglev, and to determine the need for cleaning of glass will be the neural network.


In 2018, Tesla issued a patent application describing the technology of an automated system incorporating the turn signals. In the description it was stated that the need for automatic display rotation will be determined by the computing platform, built-in range of the rotation angle of the steering wheel. While the on-Board system can determine whether the car change lanes or off the road.

In 2014, Tesla has opened up access to its patents, but CEO Elon Musk said that the future is not going to sue those who in “good faith use” of these technologies. According to Mask, patents serve to “suppress progress, entrench the position of large corporations and the enrichment of lawyers.”

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