Tesla plant in Berlin has started production, but not electric cars

Tesla plant in Berlin has started production, but not electric cars


The American electric car manufacturer hoped to launch the serial production of Tesla Model Y electric crossovers at a new plant in the vicinity of Berlin by the end of 2021. However, these plans were not destined to come true.

The company’s launch of the serial production of Tesla Model Y was prevented by public hearings and approvals, which took longer than planned. And as a result, Tesla was allowed to produce several thousand bodies for these models, but not for sale as part of serial electric cars.

The first Tesla Model Y prototypes from debugging batches were recently spotted in a parking lot near the Berlin factory.

Bodies for Model Y will be formed using a new technology, with which the brand’s specialists only “work out”. Therefore, Tesla was not satisfied with the quality of the pilot batch of 250 bodies assembled at the Berlin car plant.

Now local authorities have allowed the Americans to release 2,000 more Tesla Model Y bodies for additional tests. The brand will also be able to make 500 bodybuilders every week before it is allowed to operate its own factory at full capacity.

All bodies will go to tests and trials, cars for sale will not receive them. When the Berlin plant of the brand will be able to work fully, it has not yet been reported. Europeans are currently receiving Model 3 and Model Y electric cars from the company’s Chinese plant. A new facility in Texas will be responsible for releasing Model Y for the US market.

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