Tesla plant under construction set on fire in Germany

Tesla plant under construction set on fire in Germany


Last night, a fire broke out at the new Tesla plant in Germany near Berlin. A group of leftist radicals takes responsibility.

About 500 meters from the construction site of Tesla’s first European car plant near Grünheide, on the southeastern outskirts of Berlin, power cables caught fire last night. The fire was discovered due to the fact that another three square meters were burning in the adjacent forest area. For the last three years, it has been very dry and there has been almost no rain. According to RBB, the power supply to the construction site was interrupted for some time due to a fire, but was soon restored.

According to the Brandenburg State Police, the initial inspection results show that six aerial power cables were damaged outside. The public broadcaster RBB assumes a targeted attack and does not exclude the presence of political motives. Therefore, in their investigation, specialists from the Federal Police Directorate receive assistance from colleagues from the State Security Directorate.

The latter are involved in the fight against politically motivated crime and are investigating the authenticity of the message on the left-wing radicals website, which refers to the attack.

“Tesla is not green, not environmentally friendly and not social,” writes vulkaangroep. The group claims to have cut power to the construction site by setting fire to six high-voltage cables.

This is not the first time Tesla has faced civil opposition while building a plant. The plant is expected to start up later this year. In Grünheide, Tesla will build a European version of the Model Y, as well as the Model 3 and possibly a new smaller model. The latter is rumored to be the compact SUV that Tesla is working with Toyota on, although this is still far from official approval.

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