Tesla “polyglot”

Tesla “polyglot”


Tesla has released a software update “2021.24” with new features and an expanded language interface pack.

The new software became available for download on July 29th. Official support for additional languages ​​means translation of all menu items and the ability to recognize speech from the voice assistant. To change the language setting, select Controls> Display and select the desired option from the Language drop-down menu. Changing settings is only possible when the vehicle is stationary.

Among other innovations of the firmware – “car wash mode”, when all windows are closed, the charging port is blocked and the windshield wipers, security mode, door locks and the sound signal of the parking sensor are turned off. Especially for automatic conveyor washes, the Free Roll option is provided, in which the transmission is switched to neutral and the automatic activation of the parking brake is prevented if the driver is not driving.

In addition, it became possible to enable or disable auto-dimming of mirrors, the camera system can independently detect accidents in the field of view and automatically save such records, and there was also official support for the Disney + streaming service. However, the latter is more relevant for the United States and other countries where this platform is already officially available.

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