Tesla prepares fifth-level autopilot

Tesla prepares fifth-level autopilot


By the end of this year, Tesla is going to offer customers a Level 5 autopilot. Such ambitious plans are being made by the founder and head of Tesla, Elon Musk.

Currently, the most advanced version of the corporate autopilot is being tested by selected customers of the brand. This is the so-called beta version of the new software. In April, the number of such volunteer drivers may grow tenfold at once.

In February, the beta version of FSD was tested by over a thousand Tesla owners. This figure is called the publication Electrek. The data collected by the test group was used by the automaker to improve its technology.

After the release of beta version 8.2, the number of drivers involved in testing the new product will double. The release of version 8.3 will entail a tenfold increase, Elon Musk shares his plans.

But Musk did not talk about the release date of the announced updates. According to preliminary data, the improved software will appear by the end of April.

Earlier it became known that Tesla sales in Europe have significantly decreased. At the same time, the total number of sold electric cars has grown significantly. Thus, competitors began to take part of the market from Tesla.

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