Tesla presented Semi in a house on wheels

Tesla presented Semi in a house on wheels

Despite the fact that Tesla is preparing to introduce its electric truck Semi commercially in the next year, some companies are already considering other possible applications of the model, except freight.

One of the most interesting alternate versions of the Semi is his embodiment in the form of caravans – a very popular vehicle among people in the US, which proposes to implement a company Vanlifer.

The idea is to present Semi house on wheels is quite interesting and is justified considering that these cars are designed for travel. Model based on Semi is a classic mobile home with kitchen, living space, toilet and other luxurious trappings of a comfortable trailer. Roughly Semi-Home will provide as a truck 800 miles of cruising range at full load, making it the ideal home on wheels.

The nominal price of $180 000 for the version with a power reserve of 800 km doesn’t look very big considering for motorhomes wealthy people are often willing to pay considerably large sums. Given the uniqueness, practicality and efficiency of Semi-Home, the concept of such electric vehicles may become commercially successful model. Plus, do not forget about fully Autonomous driving, which will allow owners of motorhomes Semi to enjoy the scenery even more.

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