Tesla recalls 30,000 cars

Tesla recalls 30,000 cars


American manufacturer of electric cars Tesla announced the beginning of a recall campaign for its cars. We are talking about the Model S and Model X, which were brought to China and sold there between September 17, 2013 and January 15, 2018. The problem lies in the suspension of the car. According to sources, two different malfunctions were identified at once, but Tesla did not tell what exactly it was talking about.

The representative office of Tesla in China also does not comment. Note that previously all Tesla cars sold in China were imported, and after the launch of the new factory in Shanghai, the vast majority of cars sold have a local registration. In the future, Tesla plans to expand production at the plant in China to 200 thousand cars per year.

The refusal to comment immediately gave rise to several rumors – some suggested that it might not be in the suspension at all, but in a faulty battery, which could lead to a fire.

Recently, something similar has happened on Ford, Hyundai and BMW cars, which has affected the reputation of these brands.

Meanwhile, Tesla reported earnings for the third quarter. Net income increased 2.3 times compared to the same period last year. Thus, this period was the best for the company for all time.

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