Tesla recalls about 6,000 cars

Tesla recalls about 6,000 cars


Tesla has announced the recall of about 6,000 electric cars Model 3 2019/2021 and Model Y 2020/2021 due to suspicions of a massive defect in the fastening of the brake calipers.

The basis for the service campaign was an incident that occurred in December 2020, when the rear left caliper of the Model Y cross, purchased a few weeks earlier, was separated from the hub on the move.

After investigating this incident, the US National Highway Safety Agency recommended that Tesla inspect the entire batch that owned the ill-fated electric car.

Vehicle inspection and troubleshooting will be carried out by Tesla. If the owner of a vehicle covered by the recall campaign finds the same malfunction, his car will be delivered to a service point at the manufacturer’s expense.

All electric vehicles in the campaign were purchased in North America.

Earlier it was reported that Tesla Model 3 and Model Y are no longer equipped with a frontal radar: it was no longer installed in electric vehicles produced by the company’s main plant in the United States. The new version of the autopilot uses only video cameras for navigation. In the near future, mid-size Model S and Model X, as well as cars assembled outside of North America, will lose radars.

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