Tesla received a dangerous software update

Tesla received a dangerous software update


This option in an electric car is supervised by the Tesla Autopilot driver assistance system. False braking failures can occur when the autopilot detects an object on the road or does not correctly predict a collision, and the brakes are applied to avoid it.

Such an error in the braking system can be the cause of a serious accident, since the car that follows the electric car crashes into the braked car. Similar difficulties have already appeared among the drivers of American electric cars, but they were quite rare, because of which little attention was paid to them. Now the situation has worsened.

According to the published data, the number of false brakes has increased significantly over the past month. The number of complaints from owners of electric vehicles to the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has also increased.

According to one of the victims, after purchasing the car, a mileage of 14,500 km was gained, and recently it has often begun to brake for no reason. Oddly enough, there were no objects in front of the car: not another car, not something else. Often the speed dropped sharply to 10-15 km / h.

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