Tesla refuses to release Model S Plaid Plus


The head of Tesla, Elon Musk, announced on Sunday that he was abandoning the production of the Model S Plaid Plus version of the electric car. This car was supposed to be the most expensive electric car in the Tesla brand line.

Elon Musk explained his decision as a lack of need, since a simpler version – Model S Plaid, launched into mass production this week, meets, in his opinion, all customer requirements. ‚ÄúPlaid + has been canceled. [It is] unnecessary because Plaid is just as good, “the head of Tesla wrote on Twitter.

In another post on Twitter, Elon Musk noted that the Model S Plaid electric car “is the fastest production car ever produced” and “will pick up speed this week.”

The Model S Plaid Plus version presented last year was supposed to become the most expensive electric car of Tesla, but its release was previously postponed from the end of 2021 to 2022, and now it has been completely canceled. The performance of the promised model was supposed to be 1,100 hp, and the range of the electric car with a full battery charge reached 837 km. At the same time, the Model S Plaid Plus could accelerate to a speed of 96.5 km / h within two seconds.

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